using technology for one's business advantage

A Tech Guide to Improving a Professional’s Venture Performance

An executive must be ready to face all the challenges that come before him/her. Their minds have to be capable of foreseeing risks and consequences ahead of time. A real executive also continually feeds their soul with the spirit of entrepreneurship.

But facing the market and seizing the momentum of a business opportunity needs a person to have vast knowledge over all things, including technology. In fact, being slow to adapt to new tech is a terrible sin these days. Technology helps us to propel our performance far forward.

Utilizing Social Media for Business

Business people often make a frequent mistake when they are using social media. They use their accounts for everything personal. Although we have arrived in the new age of information technology, showing off too much of one’s privacy online will lead to people’s disrespect. Not all thoughts and experience are meant to be public.

social media in phone

Therefore, instead of making things personal, you should choose to make them professional. Put plain and normal photos on your Facebook account. Fill in the About section with your professional experience. When it comes to the hobby description, list only the acceptable ones. Things like collecting adult magazines, drinking beers, or gambling can raise issues about your professionalism.

You should appear normal online. It may sound superficial and hypocritical. But you should let your laid-back personality be the privilege of people who meet you in person.

It is better to appear as a different and exciting person in the real world than to brag about those traits online.

Optimizing Google Service

think google see googleYahoo used to be the competitor to Google in email platform business. But today, we can safely say that ninety percent of the human population use Google service instead.

There are four essential facilities that you can get from Google. And we are learning them all here.

Google Drive

Google Drive is cloud storage. It frees you from the risk of losing your valuable data caused by a loss of a hard disk or a broken laptop. You can also integrate the storage through its smartphone app version so that you can access your data anytime and anywhere.

Google Fax

In some occasions, fax is still needed. And you should not be worried because if you have a Gmail account, you can always send Google has thought of everything that an executive needs, hasn’t it?

Google Docs

Google Docs is an app that resembles Microsoft Office, except the app’s size is small, Android-friendly, and free.

Magazine Subscription

reading a newspaperThe Internet is like a colossal flood of information. And it has become more difficult each day to identify which info is credible and which is not. For a professional, that situation can be bad news.

Decision-making requires a person to be well-informed. Otherwise, the choice is made based on fortune and not a careful calculation. Besides, if you are dealing in the stock market, you have to pay close attention to all headlines on the news. Staying updated is vital to the business.

And again, technology has saved us all. In case you have not noticed, our gadgets can be our magazines too. You can subscribe to notable business mags, such as Forbes, The Economist, Asian Nikkei, Times, etc.…