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Advantages of Fax Transmissions

The fax was the most popular form of transmitting information back then. This has, however, changed with the enhancement of technology. Sending classified information through a faxing machine is still popular since it is considered as safe and difficult to hack.

The fax machines are still being used in many offices today. The email to fax gmail is a new technology that is being adopted by many businesses today. This article highlights the advantages of the fax transmissions.


faxing in progressWhen you want to send a specific message, all you need is the fax number of the recipient and the fax machine. It is more reliable than sending the document via electronic mail. This is because there are instances when you send some doc through electronic mail, the recipient is unable to view the report because he does not have the software that is needed for the same.

Secondly, the faxing machines are not prone to malware, and viruses like the computers do. Computers also experience programming malfunction from time to time. Sending information through a fax machine is reliable because there is little danger of the data being corrupted by some viruses.


The safety and security of any document should be paramount especially if the information is confidential. When you send data through the electronic mail, they can be easily hacked, and the confidential information leaked.

With a faxing machine, all you need to secure is your office since it is difficult to hack into the faxing system and leak the confidential information. There is also no risk of transferring viruses through the faxing machine which is typically the case with the computers.

Ease of Use

icon for gmailOne of the challenges that many organizations have concerning various equipment is the usability. Some, in fact, have to invest heavily in training seminars to equip their employees with the right skills and knowledge of how to operate such machines. Fax machines have been used since time immemorial.

The principle of using the fax machine has not changed much. This means that most workers understand and know how to make use of the faxing machines. Operating a faxing machine is simple and does not need someone with various technical skills. One employee can also show the other on how to use a faxing machine within a short time. This is unlike some computer software or program which might require retraining of the employees.…