Evolving Communication Channels and Tools

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How-to-use-Your-Web-Design-to-Communicate-better-with-CustomersRecent advances in various sectors of technology have given rise to new tools and channels for communication. This has resulted in a profound impact on the industry of communication, especially about customers of businesses. Companies and other professionals are always needing to adjust their tactics and strategies for communication. However, unless you test them all out alongside each other, it can be tough to gauge the effectiveness of all the options you have for communication today.


Until now.

1. Social Intranet

When trying to keep up with memos from your department, announcements and news from your company, and project documents, you may eventually reach the point where the clutter becomes too much. This is the time when you know a company intranet is needed.

A central website or portal where everybody can communicate, submit documents, and view pertinent information is a logical and necessary addition to any company.

Not only does this save time and money, but it also makes for a more efficient and productive workforce. They can just submit assignments before continuing with their work instead of hunting somebody down.

2. Chat Tools

When collaborating on a group project, communication is key. Private, instant, and group chats can help with this by providing an inbox where chat messages can be sent and seen, even if the person isn’t on their computer at the time.

As well, it helps to update superiors on their progress if all of their past chats are logged for easy perusal. This is useful when your team is spread across the city, state, country, or even world. Facebook could stand in for dedicated chat rooms in a pinch, but not in the long term. There are too many useful tools included in these chat rooms that cannot be substituted.

3. Issue Tracking

Whenever a user has a problem with a service or commodity that a company offers, it used to be that they had to call customer support for assistance. There are many horror stories of wading through endless lists of touch-tone menus, waiting for literal hours to talk to an actual person, and never actually reaching a person because the call cut itself off automatically after a certain time. Many a company has lost valuable customers due to this unfriendly user interface.

The solution? Issue ticketing.

Numerous pieces of software available online will allow your customers to open a case file on your website, often referred to as a ‘ticket.’ These cards are attributed to their user accounts, and through the ticket center, they can see whether or not their card has been seen, opened, examined, or resolved.

Coupled with the chat software listed above, this is a much more convenient way for people to get in touch with customer service representatives. Users can only lodge a ticket, wait for an e-mail alert to tell them that their card is being looked at, and then come back to the website to be connected with a rep that will help them work through their problem in real time.

Sales Up, Complaints Down!

With these and the many other kinds of communication services available for a premium or even for free over the internet, there is absolutely no reason why anybody should be complaining about it taking ages for your company to get back to them. There is no excuse for not resolving any trouble that they have within days of them experiencing it.

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